Create Shipment

The Create Shipment function allows you to create new Advance Shipment Notices.


From the Advance Shipment option on the SupplyWEB navigation menu, select Create Shipment and the following screen will appear:

Create Advance Shipping Notice

Create Advance Shipping Notice



Click the drop-down list box to select the supplier for whom you wish to enter ASN information. Check Select Releases to enter ASNs against a material release. Select the release type you wish to create by clicking on the corresponding radio button.

If you wish to create an ASN from pull signal information, click on the Create From Signals button. You will be taken to the Pull by Signal screen within the Kanban section of the Demand menu. If you wish to create an ASN from the release information, click on the Create button. The following screen will appear:

Advance Shipping Notice

Advance Shipping Notice


Shipment Identification

The Shipment ID will be unique for each new ASN that is created.


The supplier name.

Controlling Supplier

The supplier identification.

Ship From

The supplier's ship from code.





Select Update to update the Advance Shipment Notice and print any shipping documents.

Select Cancel to cancel the creation of this Advance Shipment Notice.

Select Delete within the Shipment section to delete this ASN. Select Delete within the Items section to delete the items that are checked.

Select Add Shipper to to add another shipper to the Advance Shipment Notices.

Select Attachments to attach files to the ASN. Once files have been attached, the number of attachments will display in parentheses on the Attachments button.

Select Add Part to add a part to the current shipper.

Select Add Tare to add a tare to the current shipper.


The RPS ASN Header and the RPS ASN Detail files are updated with the new ASN. If any of the items were set up to send emails for ASNs, those emails will be sent. Other RPS files are updated with the ASN information. This also updates SupplyWEB Enterprise.

Staged shipments update the SW_ASN file and not the RPS_ASN_HEADER and RPS_ASN_DETAIL files.