Workbench Kanban

This function allows users to quickly view the status of their pull signal parts.


From the Demand option on the SupplyWEB navigation menu, select Kanban; choose the Workbench option and the following screen will appear:




Ship To

The drop down list is created from the Suppliers and Ship-To instances that are assigned to the active User ID (i.e., the User ID for the current session). Suppliers and Ship- To instances are assigned to User IDs in Administration.

Selecting a different ship-to refreshes the data (i.e. the data is re-selected from the database).


The drop down list is created from the planner codes that are assigned to part numbers displayed. The part number list is selected based on the Ship-To and Planner Code selected in the previous step.

The drop down list may contain the following items:

Sort Criteria

There are three ways to sort the list of parts:

  1. Kanban by Status and Supplier: Parts are first grouped by status number and then by supplier.
  2. Kanban by Supplier and Part: Parts are first grouped by supplier and then by part number.
  3. Kanban by Supplier and Status: Parts are first grouped by supplier and then by status number.

When a different sort order is selected, the data is only re-sorted; it is not refreshed.


Click Query to continue and the following screen will appear:

Workbench Display

Workbench Display


Part Number

Identifies the pull signal parts.

Outside Process Code

This will associate with a part, when applicable.


The supplier of the part.

Pull Loop Size

The size of the loop used to calculate the number of signals.

Note: You can configure SupplyWEB to send an e-mail notice when kanban signals are either set up for the first time or replenished. The e-mail address for kanban is specified on the Kanban Maintenance Screen, under the Pull Loop Size, Standard Pack, or Minimum Qty columns. Click on the quantity link in one of those columns and the Kanban Maintenance Screen is displayed.

Click Pull Loop Size* for further information.

Standard Pack

The standard number of parts per container.

Click Standard Pack* for further information.

Kanban Cards


Note: * These fields are not available to suppliers, but only to system administrators and internal personnel.


From the combo box, you may select to download this information in XML format, CSV format (language-specific), or directly to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Once you have selected the format for the data, click on the Download button.