The Inventory Status function allows you to view, in graphical form, the selected supplier's inventory status for all supplier managed inventory parts. In addition, this function provides links to the planner e-mail, purchase order, release, over status screen, and under status screen.


From the Supplier Managed Inventory option on the SupplyWEB navigation menu, select Workbench and the following screen will appear:





Click the drop-down list box to select the supplier for whom you wish to enter advance shipping notice information.

Quantity Status

Select Over, Under, Both or All.

Click Query, the following screen will appear:

Workbench Display

Workbench Display

Note: If the On-hand Quantity is in Red with an additional number in parentheses, the On-hand Quantity includes a cumulative under-run. The cumulative under-run is the difference between the amount of parts produced and the amount of parts on the release.



The status will graphically display the part's minimum, maximum, and current inventory levels.

The part's status will display as follows:

The part's quantity will display as follows:

Note: Mouse-over the quantity on-hand and a note will display the extract date and time, and the time zone used. The extract date and time will only appear for parts that have the “extract-datetime” tag definition within the data sent to the system, as defined in the API for SMI parts.

Email Planner

Click the Email Planner icon to launch an associated email program with the planner email address in the To field and the part number in the Subject field.

Purchase Order

Click the Purchase Order icon to display the related purchase order in SupplyWEB.


Click the Release icon to display the related release number in SupplyWEB.

Status Over

Click the Status Over icon to display the over maximum inventory level screen in SupplyWEB.

Note: This is the same icon as the Status Under icon.

Status Under

Click the Status Under icon to display the under minimum inventory level screen in SupplyWEB.

Note: This is the same icon as the Status Over icon.


Click the Calculation icon to display the Suggested Ship Quantity Calculation screen.

Note: There are two possible methods for determining the suggested ship quantity. The method used for the calculation is selected from Ship-To Setup within SupplyWEB's Administration area. For explanation of the two possible methods, please refer to the Administration documentation.

Part Number

The Repetitive Purchasing part number will display.

The part number will be color coded to indicate the part's status:

Part Description

The part's description will display.

Engineering Level

The part's engineering change level will display.

Unit of Measure

The part's unit of measure will display.

Suggested Receipt Quantity

The amount of product that is suggested for receipt, in order to stay within the minimum and maximum range, will display.

Suggested Receipt Date

The suggested receipt date, in order to stay within the minimum and maximum range, will display.

Verify Expedite will display if parts from a normal shipment may not be received in time.

In-Transit Quantity

The in-transit quantity will display.

Average Daily Release Quantity

The five-day release average from the current release schedule will display.


Click Refresh on the internet browser to update the display based on the selected supplier.

From the combo box, you may select to download this information in XML format, CSV format (language-specific), or directly to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Once you have selected the format for the data, click on the Download button.

Click Back on the internet browser to return to the Workbench screen.