User Login

After setting up your hardware/software environment as instructed by your customer (i.e., the company administrating the SupplyWEB site for you), you should be ready to log into SupplyWEB. Follow the instructions below to log in.


From your Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browser, enter the URL of your SupplyWEB site. If you do not know this path, check with your system administrator or with your customer's SupplyWEB contact person.

The following screen will appear:

SupplyWEB Login

SupplyWEB Login


User Account

Enter the user account login needed to enter SupplyWEB.


Enter the access code (password) to enter SupplyWEB.

Note: The User Account and Access Code (password) should have been assigned by your customer. See your system administrator or your customer's SupplyWEB contact person if you need assistance.


Choose the language used for SupplyWEB fields and information.

Time Zone

Select the appropriate local time zone from the pull-down list. SupplyWEB will display all dates and times according to the local time zone you select.


Click Login to continue. The Home screen will display.