Carrier Transit Time Maintenance

This area allows you to define and maintain transit time characteristics. These values are employed when calculating the estimated arrival times for the shipments you create within SupplyWEB.


From the Miscellaneous option on the SupplyWEB navigation menu, select Carrier Transit Time Maintenance. The following screen will appear:

Carrier Transit Time Query

Carrier Transit Time Query


Select from the combo box the supplier whose transit times you wish to maintain and click the Query button. The list of conveyance codes used for shipments will appear:

Conveyance Codes

Conveyance Codes


Select the conveyance code whose characteristics you wish to set. When you click on the name in the RPS Code column, the following screen will appear:

Carrier Transit Times

Carrier Transit Times



The supplier whose transit time characteristics you wish to define will display. This is the same supplier you selected from the initial query screen, above.

Ship From

The ship from location for this supplier will display. This is the location from which shipments will depart.

Ship To

The ship to location for this supplier will display. This is the location at which shipments will arrive.

Conveyance Code

The code that corresponds to the method of transport, as selected from the list on the previous screen, will display.

Carrier Identification

The identification of the carrier(s) used by this supplier to transport goods under the specified mode of conveyance will display.

Carrier Transit Time

This section contains the units by which you specify the transit time. The time unites are in:


Within the Carrier Transit Time section, specify the interval of time it typically takes for this carrier to transport goods from the ship from location to the ship to location when the selected mode of conveyance is used. When finished, click on the Update button to save your entries.


SupplyWEB uses the time interval specified here to calculate estimated arrival times for shipments. The estimated arrival time is then provided on Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs) that are created and submitted through SupplyWEB.